Professional Hosting Plan


Our Professional Hosting Plan is where a website is stored on our own devoted servers. Modifications to your website can be done by yourself as we provide a full control panel and ftp access in this hosting plan. You will need your own editing software to modify your dreamweaver or front page or you can use our own FREE WEBSITE BUILDER if you preferred. We can also do updates to your site for you at a modest charge.
You can organise email accounts or redirections on this plan (where your email address can be ie: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the email will redirect to your normal email address) or it can be accessed directly from the server..
This hosting plan would ideally suit a larger sized business that have hundreds of pages on the site and one that has a good knowledge of CSS, HTML or PHP coding or for a large sized online store with around 1,000 or more products for sale.

The charge  for our professional plan is $480.00 p.a.
We have various other plans available for you to choose from.
The price is based on an annual basis.